Freeway applications
Data regarding the traffic including average speed, classification and the traffic volume during a day in different days can be known as main point for traffic analyses and management. To achieve these data, there are differ rent approaches which one of them is Vsense who has lots of advantages to other sensors and devices.
There are various applications that are implemented by Vsense sensor such as:
1-Class based counting in different hours
2-Speed detection for each class in different hours
3-High way occupancy in different hours
4-Accicident estimation in different lanes
5-Ramp metering calculation

In this application there must be an AP and two sensors in 5-7 meters for each lane sending traffic data to central software as Real Time via IP connectivity. In some cases and depends on situation, the Repeater much be considered.
Parameters such as speed, class, occupancy, congestion and vehicle distance are the desirable outputs of the system.
The central software can achieve statics and analyses by current and past data received from the system.