Frequently Asked Questions


Sensors are easily picked up by a picker under the asphalt. If it is operated same as quick guide there will be no damage on sensor and case. The required time is just 10 minutes.

• How much depth is needed to install the sensor?

The above surface of the sensor should be lower for 20mm from asphalt surface.

• How long does sensor installation take?

Approximately 10 minutes

• How much is sensor accuracy comparing to Inductive Loop?

Due to sensor spot operation, it is more efficient than Inductive Loop in counting and has less under counting

• Is sensor battery chargeable?


• How much is battery life time?

It is 20 years for stand by and 7 to 10 years under operation

• Does sensor need to be calibrated?

It has Self calibration mode but there is an option for manually calibration

• Is there any device due to connect to sensors and wireless network in intersection to operation monitoring?

A simple device is delivered to installer and by one laptop and specific software; the user can easily connect to sensor network in each application from road side and operate all adjustments.

• How long does sensor firmware upgrading take?

Firmware upgrading is implemented by design device Vsense OAD next to the system and it takes just 10 minutes for each sensor.

• Does Vsense network operation frequency need any special permission?


• What are the Vsense advantages to radar and image processing?

High accuracy specially in heavy traffic, resistant to different climate situation, acceptable price, high reliability , low damage rate and component wireless connection

• What are Vsense advantages to inductive loop?

Same or higher accuracy, faster and easier installation, more reliable, environment protection, wireless connection and lower installation cost are the system advantages

• What are other applications considered for Vsense sensor?

Some application such as red light passing, travel timing estimation and etc

• What are required equipments for installation?

2KW drill fro 4inch bit and a light electrical picker

• Is it possible to use solar panel as power supplier?

Yes. By 5-10w, 12v-6A battery and its charger you can provide a reliable power supply for AP and Repeater.

• What is the purchase process?

First of all you should send the required application and installation details ( GPS) to receive the quotation.